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30% ruling for employees

The 30% ruling offers a significant tax advantage for expats coming to the Netherlands. Essentially, it allows you to receive 30% of your gross salary tax-free, while the remaining 70% is subject to taxation. This tax-free part is intended to offset the additional expenses incurred by expatriates living in a foreign country, known as “extraterritorial costs”. Additionally, any international school fees paid by your employer in the Netherlands are also tax free under this ruling.

Keep in mind that the 30% ruling lasts for up to five years, but only if you meet the requeries. This means maintaining residency requirements and ensuring that your employment situation aligns with the conditions set by the Dutch tax authorities. Luckily, Payingit International can help you with all the paperwork, so getting this tax break will be easy for you.

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What does the 30% ruling mean for employees?

The 30% ruling is a simple way for you to get tax benefits if you’re working abroad in the Netherlands. Instead of dealing with lots of paperwork and reporting for reimbursements, you can choose the 30% ruling and make things easier. This saves you time and money while making sure you follow all the tax rules. At Payingit International, we’re experts in handling payroll and taxes, including the 30% ruling process. Our team takes care of everything for you, making sure it’s accurate and efficient. With our help, you can focus on your job and not worry about the paperwork.

Am I eligible for the 30% ruling?

Curious about who can benefit from the 30% ruling? Dive into our simplified breakdown of eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for this tax benefit. To qualify for the 30% ruling, you must meet specific conditions:

  • International hiring: If you’re hired from abroad or stationed in the Netherlands by your employer.
  • Special skills: You need to have unique skills that aren’t commonly found in the Dutch job market.
  • Minimum pay: Your salary must meet a certain level set by the authorities.
  • Distance requirement: You should live at least 150 km away from the Dutch border and plan to move here.


In addition to whether you meet the conditions for the 30% ruling, you must also meet the following conditions:

  • Ruling letter: Both you and your employer need a letter from the tax authorities confirming eligibility.
  • Skill evaluation: Your expertise will be checked by the Dutch tax authorities, looking at your education, work experience, and salary.
  • Minimum wage: You must earn a minimum wage, which changes each year.
  • Residency history: You should have lived most of the time outside the Netherlands before starting your job here.
  • Reimbursement limit: Your employer can give you up to 30% of your salary, including allowances, tax-free.

Understanding these rules is important to know if you qualify for the 30% ruling. Do you want to know if you’re eligible for the 30% ruling? Fill out the our 30% ruling calculator below and find out in just a minute!

Discover the advantages of the 30% ruling for employees. Explore how this tax benefit can enhance your financial well-being and provide valuable perks as you embark on your professional journey in the Netherlands.

  • Tax-free allowances: With the 30% ruling, a significant portion (30%) of your gross salary is paid to you tax-free. This means you get to keep more of your earnings, providing a valuable financial advantage.

  • Reduced financial burden: By receiving tax-free allowances, you can enjoy certain benefits without having to pay taxes on them. This effectively reduces your financial burden and increases your take-home pay, making your employment package more attractive.

  • International school fees: Additionally, any international school fees that your employer pays on your behalf in the Netherlands are also tax-free. This benefit further enhances the financial perks of the 30% ruling for you as an employee.

How can I register as an employee for the 30% ruling?

Payingit International submits the application for you. We are the payroll company you are affiliated with in the Netherlands. It takes some work and usually it takes a while for the application to be processed. Keep in mind that it is important to deliver everything within four months of your labor agreement’s start date. If your application is submitted more than four months after you started, you will not get the full benefit.


Why choose Payingit International 

At Payingit International, we take care of the entire application process for you, handling every aspect from start to finish. We provide you with a clear list of required documents to streamline the application process. You can relax knowing that our expert team is managing everything on your behalf. Our transparent fee structure ensures that you are informed about the costs upfront.

You can easily access the current salary standards for the 30% ruling on our website. We regularly update this information in line with the latest updates from tax authorities, ensuring you have accurate data. We recommend using our Payroll Calculator to understand how the 30% ruling impacts your salary. This valuable information will contribute to your success during your stay in the Netherlands. For any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via phone or by filling out our contact form, and we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

Is your employer open to applying for the 30% ruling?

Many employers see the value in facilitating the 30% ruling application process for their employees. This is because it offers them significant cost savings. Rather than grappling with the complexity of managing your expense reports, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming, they opt to pursue the 30% ruling. This approach streamlines administrative tasks for both you and your employer, making the process more efficient and stress-free. Payingit International can help you with all the paperwork, so getting this tax break will be easy for you and your employer.

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