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Changing jobs as a knowledge migrant in the Netherlands

Thinking of changing jobs? It happens a lot in the Netherlands. You get a much better job offer, or you have been looking for another job because you need a new challenge. Or your contract is going to expire and will not be extended again. Or what if our handy dandy calculator shows you could get a higher take-home amount than you are getting now?

Reasons to change employer

If you are a Dutch citizen, there is no issue at all administratively. Your current employer enters an end date on your payslip, pays out your holiday allowance and possible outstanding vacation days, and that’s it.

The Dutch tax authority is notified that you no longer work for that employer. Your new employer submits the new employee information, and everything is done.

Changing jobs in the Netherlands

Non EU

If you are from a non-EU country and are working as a knowledge migrant in the Netherlands, you might want to change jobs too. You can, but it is more involved! Especially, it is very important to be sure that your new employer is a “recognized sponsor” with the IND, the Dutch immigration service. We can’t stress that enough.

You have already been through the whole MVV and residence permit procedure once, when you got your first job and moved to the Netherlands. It might have taken a long time, and you may have experienced it as not the best time in your life—it can be stressful and unsettling. Well, don’t worry. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the same procedure when you change jobs.

Here’s how it works. If we at Payingit International are your future employer, we will inform the IND the same as we would for a new application. We set up all the necessary paperwork and sign the employment agreement with you. We compile all the required documents, and we notify the IND that you will be working for Payingit International as of x-date. The IND will confirm they have received the notification, like they do with all applications.

Back when you filed your first application, you had to wait for their invitation letter to get the MVV permit at the embassy in your home country. But, when changing jobs, you can start immediately. The only additional thing that needs to be done is that your previous employer has to inform the IND that your employment agreement with them has been terminated.

The IND allows recognized sponsors like us to make their own determination as to whether someone meets the requirements for knowledge migrant status, and it allows sponsors to change the employer in the records. We do that.

30% ruling

Your new employer needs to apply to the tax authority for the 30% ruling for you, but the good news is that you can still qualify for it in jobs after the first one (it’s not a one-off). The new employer applies in the same way as your previous employer did, only they attach the previous tax letter.

Contract ends

From the date that your contract with your current employer ends (due to circumstances beyond your control), the IND rules give you three months to find another job in the Netherlands.

If you do not find a new employer within those three months, you will need to leave the country immediately. It is very important for you to land a new job in time so it pays to start your job search right away!

Important fact but also a nice opportunity

So maybe your employer is your sponsor and you think you can’t leave your job because your new employer would have to be a recognized sponsor (not all companies are sponsors). And what if a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity opens up with a company that is not a recognized sponsor? Give us a call—Payingit International can act as your IND sponsor in a case like that. We will notify the IND that you will be on our payroll, and you can start work at your dream job.

We will do it for free. That’s right, we don’t charge anything for a change of employer. We will just be glad to have you aboard.

If you are thinking about leaving your current employer and are wondering how Payingit International can set you up, please use our handy dandy calculator on our website to see what your salary will be!

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