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Since 2014, Payingit has been assisting companies and employees with their planning, administration, invoicing, and the payment of wages in the Netherlands. We do this with our Payroll Umbrella Service, Salary Administration, Planning Software, and Employment Agency Service. With a team of twenty enthusiastic employees, we are responsible for paying the wages of more than 3,000 employees on time. In addition, we take care of all the hassle related to employee administration.

In 2017 Payingit expanded to offer international services. We have added in-house expertise, established reliable partnerships, and obtained official IND sponsorship status.

Payingit International can get candidates set up to work in the Netherlands (payroll management plus visas, permits, IND sponsor, and tax arrangements). We can act on your company’s behalf if you do not have a corporate presence here or if you are not an IND sponsor, and we can also work for individuals who have job offers in the Netherlands to get them here with all the necessary documents.

Whether you are planning to be registered or your company is already registered in the Netherlands, we can handle your administrative obligations.

Payingit International communicates fairly and transparently, offers personal and specialized advice, offers attractive rate packages, and is a certified partner. We are driven to make sure that we do our utmost to make our clients happy with what we do.

The ultimate objective of our organization? To take care of everything involved with working and living in the Netherlands.

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