What do two little kids have to do with security guards and payrolls??

Costa and Dennie were friends in the ’hood. They grew up, went to college. While still a student, Costa worked for a security company. There, Costa discovered that “state-of-the-art” did not describe the workforce management system – it was clunky and inefficient.


Dennie de Ruijter went on to get a master’s degree, and then went to work learning about back office and process optimization stuff at Intermaris Hoeksteen.


They launched Usemate in 2012, offering workforce management software for the Dutch security industry. They quickly became the #3 workforce management system provider in the sector.


In 2014 the company added payroll umbrella services, and Payingit was born.


Cees Maat started in April 2016 as commercial director. He brought deep knowledge and experience about the payroll umbrella industry and the Dutch market, and he is leading the growth of this service.


Today we administer payroll for 2,800 employees of more than 100 companies, workforce management, and salary administration solutions.


In 2017 Payingit expanded to offer international services. We have added in-house expertise, established reliable partnerships, and obtained official IND sponsorship status.  Payingit International can get candidates set up to work in the Netherlands (payroll management plus visas, permits, IND sponsor, and tax arrangements). We can act on your company’s behalf if you do not have a corporate presence here or if you are not an IND sponsor.  We can work for individuals who have job offers in the Netherlands to get them here with all necessary documents.