Home Sweet Home

Are you looking for a home in the Netherlands? Rent or buy? Payingit International works with a lot of expats to set up their new lives – and finding a home to love is part of what we do. We provide full-service housing solutions, for renting or buying, apartments or houses, for short or longer periods.


Here is how we go about it. You tell us what you would love to have – your wishes and requirements. Think of it this way – this is your chance to live for a few years in the kind of place you would not choose at home. Want a converted loft? What about a queen’s palace for a neighbor? A seventeenth-century building? A houseboat? Once we have a good feel for that, we start looking. We do the searching for you and we set up the viewings. Once you have found It!, the One, we send an offer on your behalf to the seller/landlord or the real estate agent handling the property. During the negotiations, our legal specialists check the offers and the purchase agreement/rental agreement, especially any contractual terms that are particularly important for expats.


Once all the documents are signed, we do an inspection of the property. If everything is in order, you are ready to move in!


Our fee for finding a suitable rental property is one (1) month’s rent (excl. VAT). Our fee for support in buying a house is 1% (excl. VAT) of the purchase price.



Do you have questions about our Home Sweet Home service or need any assistance in your housing search? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us +31 20 225 2520 or email us info@payingit-international.com.