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You need to be a recognized IND sponsor to employ your candidate but you do not have an entity in the Netherlands or your company is not a recognized IND sponsor?


To save time and money, and to avoid delaying the project, you can use Payingit International as the recognized IND sponsor.


Our Immigration Services ensure that from the time your candidate travels to the Netherlands, the administrative requirements for him or her are handled correctly.

Who needs a Dutch work permit?

All citizens of countries not members of the European Union need a work permit to enter and work in the Netherlands.


Citizens from certain countries are allowed to enter the Netherlands and are entitled to work here without a work permit. Those countries are:

  1. Countries within the European Union
  2. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway

What is the role of the IND – Immigration and Naturalization Service?

The IND handles all types of applications from foreign nationals who want to live and work in the Netherlands. The IND is the only authority that issues work permits.


The IND is responsible for seeing that immigration applications are handled properly and efficiently and the correct permits are issued to each applicant.


There are applications from individuals of all nationalities as well as from companies that require authorization from the IND to hire an employee to work for them in the Netherlands. All those applications require different types of immigration permits such as:


There are various types of visa.  We refer you to the IND website for details of each type.

In short:

  1. a so-called MVV, an entry permit for someone to stay more than 90 days
  1. a visa for a temporary stay of less than 90 days. This is the normal tourist visa
  1. a return visa that allows someon to re-enter the Netherlands without a valid residence permit

Residence permits

Depending on the type of work your employee is hired to do and his or her nationality, a different type of residence permit can be required. These can be valid for a short or a longer period of time.


Work permits

Foreign nationals may either

  1. need a separate work permit in addition to their residence permit, called a TWV (tewerkstellingsvergunning) or,
  2. have their work authorization included in their residence permit, for example if they are a highly skilled worker, self-employed, or a freelancer.


One of the IND immigration requirements for foreign contractors to work in the Netherlands is that the future employer has to provide specifics about the position here. In some cases the IND will do a labor market test to see whether the candidate will earn a salary that reflects special skills and whether those skills are not already available from within the EU. Another requirement is that the applicant  must have a master’s degree (see next section).

What is a knowledge migrant / highly skilled worker?

It is good to know what qualifies someone as a knowledge migrant as there are multiple benefits associated with that status. A knowledge migrant, also known as a highly skilled worker, is proven to be of substantial added value to the Dutch knowledge-based economy and has skills and experience that are scarce in the Dutch labor market. In most cases though, knowledge migrants don’t have to prove that Dutch or EU workers can’t do their jobs; defining knowledge migrants by age and salary will be enough for most applications. A master’s degree and a minimum salary are required.


  1. A minimum salary; Click here for minimum salary levels;
  1. A master’s degree from a recognized university.
    We refer you to the Nuffic website for list of recognized universities.

How can Payingit help with this process?

If your candidate qualifies as a highly skilled worker, Payingit can apply to the IND on his or her behalf. This application is for a combination of the work permit and the residence permit.

As a recognized IND sponsor, we do not have to submit all the necessary documents to the IND, but we need to have these in our files.


The following documents are the ones we need to have on file:

  • Valid copy of the passport;
  • Signed antecedents certificate (related to criminal record, if any);
  • Copy of education certificates and diplomas (these must be in English);
  • Résumé/CV;
  • Job description;
  • List of required job skills.


Benefits of qualifying as a knowledge migrant

There are important benefits to qualifying as a knowledge migrant, both for you and for your candidate.


#1 Payingit can apply on his or her behalf before they arrive in the Netherlands. When the application is made correctly, you can have your foreign employee in place within a couple of weeks after the application is filed.


#2  The Dutch tax system offers benefits for knowledge migrants, both for the worker and for you as the employer. For example, the 30% tax ruling allows an employer to pay 30% of an employee’s salary as a tax-free component. That may add up to a substantial benefit to the employee when filing their tax return at very low administrative cost to you.


My candidate has a family. What about them?

If the candidate’s spouse or children will travel with the candidate to the Netherlands (i.e. if the family will be coming together), Payingit can arrange visas for them at the same time. It is faster, easier, and costs less to submit one application for the whole family.


If the family plans to arrive in the Netherlands later, we can submit the family information at a later time, but that means a new application, which is not as quick and easy.

In cases where the family is going to travel with the candidate, we need to have some additional information:

  • antecedents certificate for the spouse (related to criminal history, if any);
  • certificate of marriage (must be in English);
  • valid copy passport of the spouse;
  • valid copy passport(s) of the child(ren);
  • birth certificates of the child(ren).


All these documents you can submit by e-mail as a scan or photocopy.

Payingit International

We do all the administration for the employment for you and your employee. Within a few weeks from the moment the employment agreement is signed (figure on about six weeks), we will have the candidate’s invitation letter which he or she can use to get their entrance visa to be able to travel to the Netherlands.


The IND fees will be charged to your company or to the candidate. Should any consulting hours be necessary, we will discuss these during our initial meetings/calls with you.