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8 februari 2018

New income requirements 2018 in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, all citizens need to earn at least a minimum salary which is set by the Dutch government. This minimum wages in the Netherlands are determined every year on the 1st and 2nd of January. This salary counts for everyone in the Netherlands as a Dutch citizen, or when you’re working on the residence permit of your partner. The number are based on age and are higher for people with the age of 23 or higher. This salary is a minimum, so employers need to at least pay you this salary. If decided to pay more, this is also possible.


The minimum wage for 2018 is:


Income requirements 2018


The above mentioned number do not include the 8% mandatory holiday allowance. The holiday allowance can be paid monthly (in parts) or in once on top of the minimum salary. Hourly rates are different when you don’t work 40 hours a week. This is the case with employees that work 38 or 36 hours a week.

Minimum wages in the Netherlands for expats and knowledge migrants

For highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands, one of the most important conditions for a residence permit is the salary level. For knowledge migrants of 30 years and older, or under 30 years, salary requirements are as follows:


  • Knowledge migrants of 30 years and older need to earn at least EUR 4.404,00 gross per month. This excludes the 8% holiday allowance.


  • Knowledge migrants under the age of 30 need to earn at least EUR 3.229,00 gross per month. This also excludes the 8% holiday allowance.


Also, Knowledge migrants that start working in the Netherlands within the first year after graduation need to earn at least EUR 2.314,00 gross per month exclusive 8% holiday allowance. This group of people is  called ‘zoekjaar migrants’.


In order to qualify for the knowledge migrant status in the Netherlands, there are a few more other requirements next to the gross salary level.

Knowledge migrants with the 30% ruling

Are you a knowledge migrant from outside the EU working in the Netherlands? In that case you are already earning the salary required to make use of the 30% ruling. However, in a few cases a salary adjustment is needed for the new year.


In order to get the 30% tax benefit, one needs to earn at least a taxable salary of EUR 37.296,00 per year (2017: EUR 37.000,00) per year. This counts for knowledge migrant with the age of 30 years and older.


For knowledge migrants with a master degree with an age under 30 years need to earn at least EUR 28.350,00 (2017: EUR 28.125,00) per year.


Just like the requirement for becoming a knowledge migrant, there are also other requirement for obtaining the 30% ruling.


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