Payroll Umbrella Services for employers

You have finally found the best candidate to work on your project in the Netherlands but you do not have a registered entity in the Netherlands? Or you have the perfect candidate but she is not an EU citizen?


In both cases, Payingit International can help your company in this matter with contracting services called “international payroll umbrella solutions.”

What’s in it for us?

Payingit International can be your easy payroll solution


  1. You get the talent you need. You save time. You can focus on your commercial activities —we handle the Dutch legal, tax, and financial issues.
  1. Your employees and contractors get work permits if needed and benefit from all possibilities in Dutch tax legislation, including the 30% ruling (if they meet the conditions).
  1. Your employees and contractors are on the payroll of Payingit who is thus responsible for any future obligations for employees who might get sick or have other difficulties.

What kinds of situations are we talking about?

In a nutshell—if you are:

  • A foreign company that sends employees to the Netherlands;
  • A company in the Netherlands that employs foreign staff or contractors;
  • A recruitment and contracting agency;
  • An Umbrella company


we can help.

What does Payingit provide?

We provide Dutch employers with what they need to comply with local labor laws and to avoid financial risks.

  • Arrange all financial and administrative aspects of employing an employee or a contractor;
  • Set up insurance and withholding of social costs;
  • Send the employment contract to the employee or contractor;
  • Pay net wages;
  • Create and send payslips;
  • Continue salary payments in case of disability;
  • File notifications of sickness and of recovery.


When you contract with us, we ensure that 1. the administration is done correctly and 2. your employees and contractors receive any required work permits as well as the 30% ruling (conditions apply).

The 30% ruling

This is a very valuable benefit for an employee. He or she only has to pay wage tax on 70% of gross salary. We manage the application process for the 30% ruling.


Second, we make sure that your company benefits from the cost reductions of the 30% ruling too— when you apply the 30% ruling to an employee or contractor, it means a substantial cost reduction for you as the employer as well as the increase in the net payment to the employee.

Not an EU citizen?

If your prospective employee is not an EU citizen, he or she needs to have an IND-recognized sponsor (the Dutch word is “referent”). IND is the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the Netherlands. Every employer in the Netherlands can register to be recognized by the IND, but many choose not to—they have no need to, it is a financial investment, and most of all—it takes a long time to receive the status.


Payingit International has this “referent” status. Payingit can employ your non-EU employee in the Netherlands. This can be done in a couple of weeks. For more information please see our Immigration Services.


If you need assistance with your foreign employees working in the Netherlands or for a foreign company, please get in touch.  We save our clients a lot of time and many headaches in dealing with complicated Dutch rules and legislation.


Payingit specializes in in the best payroll umbrella solutions for you and your expat employees.