•  Gerben Dijkman from Pieters Advocaten about Payingit International

    ”We started in our firm in 1995 and now we work with eight lawyers. I specialize in migration law. Expats are a vulnerable group. They must abide by the rules and “minor” mistakes can cause them to lose their residence permit.

    We refer expats who come to us for legal advice to Payingit International. We have been working together since 2018 and we recommend that expats use the payroll service and payroll administration of Payingit International. It simply has to be properly arranged and if a mistake is made in the payroll administration, it can have major consequences for that expat.

    The collaboration actually came about because we noticed that there was an ever-increasing demand. More and more expats from China came to us with their problems and we wanted to help them. That’s when we started working with a number of parties that we know that we can trust to do a good job. You want to take away their concerns, but of course it is also bad for us if we recommend a party that does bad work. Our name is on the line too.

    I would describe Payingit International’s service as fast and accurate.”