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Culture and Mission

Our core purpose is to build the employer of the future. With this we strive to have a positive impact on the lives of 50.000 employees by 2035.

Integrity and transparency

Payingit International is honest and transparent about what we have to offer, and we do what we say. We keep our word not only to our clients, but to everyone we work with.

Positive attitude and ambition

We are an ambitious team with a hands-on mentality. We are positive people, and our attitude contributes to a fun, dynamic workplace and continued growth and learning.

Creativity and adaptability

Dealing positively with change and opportunities has brought us to where we are now. Continuous development is the basis for the future. We believe in proactive service, and we each take ownership for what we do. We consider it our responsibility to make the right decision for our clients. We show our creativity with our tailor-made solutions, because we want the best for employer & employee.

Customer service

Customer service is not a department; it’s a relationship. We know our clients and employees well so we know what they expect of us. They depend on us to give them personalized service. A healthy relationship guarantees that our success is a result of their success. Managing and exceeding customers’ expectations is at the core of our approach to doing business.

Mission Payingit International

We are a team of experts, acting with integrity and accountability, committed to the growth and development of our clients. By focusing on clients, offering a personalized customer experience, and providing quick responses and turnaround times we strive to have a positive impact on 50.000 lives by the year 2035. We are well on our way, so join us and let’s grow together.