Coming to the Netherlands from Hong Kong

Are you coming to the Netherlands from Hong Kong to live and work here? Welcome! We are here to help you with all the documents necessary to be able to work and live in the Netherlands.

When moving from Hong Kong to the Netherlands as an expat, you may face obstacles that come up because of cultural or behavior differences. Instead of very tall buildings like in Hong Kong, you will see tiny low houses in cities. The cities are small. The weather can be a challenge. Many people go to work on a bicycle. In addition, the Dutch employment system is not an easy one and can cause some headaches!

If you are confronted with any difficulties in arranging an authorization for temporary stay or an IND residence permit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can help via our expat services. Our services are: Payroll Umbrella Services, Immigration Services and 30% ruling. We can also help you get a mandatory health insurance policy, find a new home, or even pick you up from the airport when you arrive in the Netherlands. Read more about our services below.

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Payingit International

  • Recognized IND sponsor and certified partner
  • In-depth knowledge of Dutch labor and tax law
  • Extensive partner network in regards to relocation, housing and legal advice

Who are we?

Payingit International provides payroll and employment solutions. We are an umbrella company and recognized IND sponsor. We take over the responsibility of the employment, so that expats have the freedom to work for whichever company they want. As an employer this gives you the freedom to focus on your core business. We have our clients’ and employees’ well-being as our number one priority. We work with the knowledge that every employment is different and that’s why our advice is always tailor-made in order to get what’s best for you.

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