Payroll Umbrella Services for employees

You are very excited! Finally you find your dream job opportunity in the Netherlands. You contact the employer, they like your CV—but they tell you they are not able to hire an employee from abroad.


Or you would like to work in the Netherlands for a foreign employer—a non-Dutch company (that is not registered in the Netherlands), a company that is located abroad, or a company that has foreign owners.


Or you are a citizen of a country that is not part of the European Union, and the potential employer tells you you can not work for them. This can be very discouraging. And people are confronted with this every day. But there is good news.


Payingit International sets up solutions for people in your situation with our Payroll Umbrella Services, also known as contracting services.


You need what is called a “payroll solution”

  1. If you are sent to the Netherlands to work on a project, or
  2. You are already working in the Netherlands but want to change jobs, or will be working here for the first time, or
  3. You wish to work remotely from outside the Netherlands for a (foreign) company,

Payingit International can be your payroll solution.

What does this mean for me?

We help you get a work permit and tax benefits. You may need a work permit and you may qualify for the 30% ruling.  We work with your employer to organize those for you. Check the impact the 30% ruling has on take-home pay.


Employers use our services so that you are able to work in the Netherlands.  In order for that to happen, your employer first needs to make arrangements based on the legal, tax, and financial implications of employing you. This is very time-consuming, and they want to avoid doing it. That’s where Payingit comes in. (See How Does It Work, below.)

Not an EU citizen?

If you are not an EU citizen, you will need to have an IND sponsor (Immigration and Naturalization Department).  The  word in Dutch  is “referent.” You can work for any employer in the Netherlands who is an IND sponsor. A company that is an official sponsor is able to get a work permit for you. But Payingit International can also act as your sponsor, permanently or temporarily until your employer is set up to be your sponsor. This can be set up in a couple of weeks. Your nationality will not prevent you from having your dream job in the Netherlands!


Sometimes a company has yet to start the application process for their company to qualify as a sponsor. They may tell you that you are obliged to wait until the IND approves their request. But there is another possibility. While the company is going through the application process, Payingit International can be your IND sponsor. You can start working, and your future employer will have the benefit of a running start on the project.


Bottom line:  Payingit International can act as the IND sponsor for you and can employ you as a non-EU employee in the Netherlands. We can even act as an interim sponsor, for the period until your employer’s application to be a sponsor is accepted (in Dutch “referent”).

How does it work?

A Dutch employer must comply with local labor laws related to employing you.  We do that for them. Here’s how.

We take care of:

  • All financial and administrative aspects of employing a contractor (you!) for your employer;
  • Organize all applicable social costs and insurance withholding;
  • Your employment contract with u;
  • Paying you your net wages;
  • Sending you your payslips;
  • Continue paying salary payments in case of disability;
  • Filing notifications of sickness and of recovery.


Get in touch if you have questions!

If you need assistance with your possible employment in the Netherlands for a (foreign) company or to get a price quote, please contact us. We cut out all the hassle of the complicated Dutch employment rules and regulations, plus we are experts in payroll solutions for you and for your employer.