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5 juli 2017

I am a Knowledge Migrant. How should I act??

You don’t have to wear a special hat or walk in a weird way! You can be who you are, the same as any Dutch resident. All kidding aside, though…
What defines a knowledge migrant? A knowledge migrant is someone from outside the EU with a permit to work in the Netherlands based on his or her specific knowledge and—usually—technical skills. Their skills are very specific and are either really scarce or aren’t available at all in the Dutch labor market. Hot commodities, in other words.


Under certain circumstances, this rare breed of person does not require a work permit. The Netherlands has a special arrangement for admitting highly skilled employees.


There are two important requirements for this special arrangement:

  • You have a signed employment agreement with an employer recognized by the IND (the Dutch immigration service) as a sponsor (a referent in Dutch);
  • Your salary is above a certain minimum that is specified by the IND.


Recognized sponsor

Payingit International is a recognized sponsor with the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). This sounds cool but what does it actually mean? Well, after investigating our company administration and fiscal obligations, the IND has determined that Payingit International is a trustworthy and reliable company and that we will adhere to the rules and requirements when we hire a knowledge migrant.


You can find a list of recognized employers in the Netherlands here: Recognized sponsors.

Okay. That is all very nice, but what effect does this have on me as a knowledge migrant?

It means we can get you set up to work here, that’s what! Here’s what you need to know: If you will be staying for more than ninety days in the Netherlands, you need to have a MVV (Authorization for Temporary Stay) and a residence permit. Payingit International can apply for them together for you with the IND. Because we are a recognized sponsor, we can normally get you start working in the Netherlands with the visa, residence permit, and work permit in six or seven weeks. . . which will result in your starting to work in the Netherlands!!!! Great!!


On the back of the residence card, it will say that there is no need for a Tewerkstellingsvergunning, a TWV (employment permit), and that work other than knowledge-migrant-related work is not allowed.

Required salary norm

The IND sets the salary norms for knowledge migrants. Here are the current requirements: IND income requirements. There are two different salary levels that apply— one for people under thirty years of age and another for people over thirty years of age.


The amounts mentioned are gross amounts. To see what the take-home pay is, you can use our handy dandy calculator on the website.

Arriving in the Netherlands – starts before you leave home!

First thing is the IND grants you knowledge migrant status, and you will be notified that you can collect your MVV from the Dutch embassy or consulate where you live. You have to have the MVV before you can leave for the Netherlands.


As soon as you arrive in the Netherlands, some things need to be arranged before you can actually start working.

  • Report to the IND: After your arrival in the Netherlands, you must report to the IND within two weeks and collect your residence permit card.
  • You should register with the local authority where you are going to live. Once you have registered with the local authority, you will receive a citizen service number (BSN). Everyone in the Netherlands needs this number for many purposes, so it’s not just you. You must have a translated and legalized birth certificate to get this registration.
  • Health insurance: You have to get your own health insurance in the Netherlands within four months. Please contact Payingit International and we’ll help you with this.
  • TB (tuberculosis): Citizens from some countries are required to take a tuberculosis test. The TB test has to be carried out by the Municipal Health Service (GGD) within three months. Please click the following link to see the countries for which the TB test is NOT required: Exemption from the obligation to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test
  • Before you can receive your salary, you need to have a bank account in the Netherlands. You will need your residence permit and your the letter from the city office (the gemeente) that you have an address here to open a bank account. You can choose any bank in the Netherlands.

30% ruling

You may qualify for the 30% ruling. This is a very advantageous arrangement from the tax authority for you as well as for your employer, and it positively affects your net salary and the employer costs. Read up on it on our website: 30% ruling.

Various things to arrange for your new life

We have helped hundreds of people in your situation, so we have lots of experience.


After you are done with the administrative things, you will want to set up your new home, choose a school for your kids, figure out transportation options (maybe a car), home services, and all the other things to start your new life. Please feel free to contact Payingit International first. We can tell you about our trusted partners who are specialists in this area.


If you have questions about how to become a knowledge migrant or what needs to be arranged for you to work in the Netherlands as a knowledge migrant, please do not hesitate to contact us at +31 20 225 2520 or through our contact form.


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One-Year Zoekjaar Work Permits for Graduates Netherlands/EU

05 April 2020

[…] To apply, you need to be employed by a company that is a recognized sponsor with the IND. You can discuss this with your hirer or ask Payingit International – they are a sponsor and can act as your employer. More information here: I am a Knowledge Migrant. How should I act?? […]