Salary Administration

Your Dutch project is ready to start. You have found the candidates that will be working for you in the Netherlands. There is one more thing to do. Because your company is based outside the Netherlands, you need to set something up to manage the administration of wages and taxes here.


            Payingit specializes in payroll matters!


Or you are shopping around for a Dutch payroll provider, or you want to switch from your current provider. You can change your payroll provider with little or no notice if needed, and we are ready to help you.

An employer’s responsibility

If you have employees who work for your entity and live in the Netherlands, you need to have the correct salary administration in place. You are responsible for employees, and in case of sickness, you need to pay the employee a minimum of 70% of their salary through the end of the contract.


In addition, depending on the type of work your employees do, there is chance that you have to deal with a collective labor agreement, pension schemes, and industry-related or job-related employee insurance.


These rules can be quite complicated in the Netherlands, so the smartest thing to do is to outsource all these administrative tasks and obligations to experts.

Our expertise and what we do for your company

  • Payingit’s experienced staff will be dedicated to your administration, and you will have a single point of contact for your account.
  • Payslips, payment overviews, journal entries, and wage tax overview statements will be submitted to you.
  • Payslips will be sent to your employees by email, and the necessary information will be submitted to the tax authority for you.
  • We communicate in English.


In case specialized advice on job-related or industry-specific employee insurance or other complicated matters is needed, and Payingit is not the specialist you need, we will introduce you to one of our partners. We work closely with experts in most subjects related to employment.

If you have expat employees

Payingit staff will be able to advise you on matters related to work permits, 30% rulings, and even A1/E101 declarations.


In case you are new to the Netherlands and your entity needs to be registered with the tax authority, we can assist you with that. We save you a lot of time and hassle—not only in getting the knowledge you need but also in filling out the form, a complicated document.

Payment Service

The worst things—and the most frustrating—that can happen with payroll are 1. that employees are not paid on time or 2. the tax payments are late.


Payingit- outsourcing like it should be done


To prevent those frustrations and to provide you with salary administration the way it should be done, we have a supplemental service called Payment Service. We encourage you to consider buying this extra service.


This process is set up for maximum efficiency for you, our client. We are in contact with you at two moments during the month so as to avoid any back-and-forth. Our Payment Service in combination with our monthly payroll calendar works like this:


First moment is when you advise us of any adjustments like salary increases or starters or leavers.

Second moment is when you pay our invoice. The invoice we send you includes the net salaries, the wage taxes, and our fee. Once you pay that invoice, everything you need to do for that month is done.

We pay your employees on the agreed dates and arrange payment to the tax authority on time.


     Easy and efficient for you

Your account at Payingit

Outsourcing payroll administration is a delicate thing to do. You are putting important issues in the hands of a third party. We are convinced that having Payingit as your partner for salary administration will not only prevent employee frustration but will save you considerable time and effort, allowing you to focus 100% on growing your business.


You have a dedicated contact person at Payingit


We also provide a backup person and contact details for that person in case your main contact is away from the office. You can be confident of reaching someone who knows your account, and we can make sure your questions will be answered as quickly as possible. If more information or advice from a specialist is needed, we will let you know in advance.


Most of our clients are not up to speed with the Dutch rules and legislations. We understand that. At Payingit we believe that answering your questions is part of our service. So every question that can be answered directly or is related to payslips (such as questions about gross-to-net, deductions, and withholding) are included in our fee.


Fees depend on several factors so the best thing to do is to send us an email or give us a call. Just to give you an indication, the average fee for a payslip is €10,00.